Straight from the Russo’s: Our favorite dessert wines

Valentine’s Day falls on February 14 every year, but sharing and enjoying a delicious bottle of wine can – and should – happen all year round. We carry lots of options to keep things sweet for dessert or anytime you’re craving something different than your ordinary go-to wine varieties. Below are some of our favorite picks for wines to accompany dessert at the end of a meal. Or, just let the bottle be dessert!



Pedro Ximenez 1983 Gran Reserva Bodegas T Albala

Stored in oak barrels, this red wine is aged to perfection. The vintage has a rich mahogany color which plays well with the flavors of roasted coffee, dark chocolate, and smoke. A dense red, you’re left with notes of spice and caramel that linger, leaving you with a sweet bite in the after-taste.


Six Grapes Graham’s Reserve Porto

Fruit with chocolate is a dessert that will never go out of style. This wine will pair perfectly with an aroma of fruits including plums and cherries mixed with chocolate notes. It’s full-bodied and complex but leaves a satiny, long finish on your palette. If stored in a cool, dark place the wine should stay fresh up to two months, giving you more time to enjoy!


Trentadue Chocolate Amore red dessert wine

This is decadence at its best. Produced from Merlot grapes, neutral grape spirits are added to stop fermentation. This act blocks a percentage of sugar in the wine from escaping. When the wine is finished aging, a small amount of natural chocolate extract is infused. The chocolate flavor is exceptional with a simple vanilla bean ice cream.



Hores de Climens Barsac 2010 grand vin de sauternes

If you love desserts with a hint of honey, don’t pass up this wine. The palate is layered with honeysuckle, apricots, and grape. A French Bordeaux wine with great maturity, you’ll love the delicate but strong nature of this vintage.


Petit Guiraud 2011 Sauternes

Peach cobblers and pies are great all year round but especially when they are in season. Get a head start on testing your peach wine pairing with this wine. A forward and open taste that combines the flavors white peach, apricots, toasted almonds, and piecrust, you’ll notice a slight hint of freshness and sweetness. The finish is creamy, with the slightest trace of ginger to add a little zing to your taste buds.


Chateau La Tour Blanche 2010 sauternes

Take a trip somewhere warm and exotic without leaving the comfort of your home with this sauternes wine. Enjoy aromas of kiwi, apricots, and minerals work surprisingly well with a smoky palate that includes orange marmalade, ripe citrus, and saffron. Even if it’s cold outside, let your mind drift to a sunny beach.



Ice wines are dessert wines are made by freezing the grapes while they’re still on the vine. The sugars don’t freeze but the water does, creating a more concentrated grape that makes for a very sweet wine.


Frost Bitten Ice Riesling

Cookie fanatics will love this wine. Combining the flavors of vanilla and butter cookies, you’ll feel indulgent without a high price tag. You’ll also note honey and peach tea that softly settle on your tongue as a gentle reminder of this smooth wine.


Black Star Farms Sirius Cherry Dessert Wine

Nothing screams ‘Michigan’ like a cherry dessert wine from a Traverse City winery! Black sweet cherries strengthened with Black Star Farms cherry brandy and sweetened with a tart cherry juice. Barrel-aged for nine months to get a slight toasted oak mixed with the warmth of brandy. The ultimate wine for cherry lovers!


Chateau Chantal Ice

Incredibly sweet and delicate like a traditional Riesling wine, but provides a balanced of flavors of apricot, toasted caramel, and baked apple to delight the palate. For political junkies, this wine was served at the 2016 White House Canadian State Dinner for the Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau!

Source: Detroit Free Press


42 Ice Wine – Sweet White Wine made with frozen grapes from Michigan’s 42nd parallel

This sweet wine is made from grapes frozen at Michigan’s 42nd parallel. A wine that is best enjoyed by sipping, you’ll pull flavor notes of peaches, mango, apricots, honey, and raisins with the slightest hint of violets. The sweetness of the fruit marries nicely with the sweetness of the ice wine without being overpowering.


Bowers Harbor Vineyard Ice Cider

Think outside the box with this sweet ice cider. Using the same technique as traditional ice wines, frozen apples are pressed to create this sweet treat. This sweet and slightly tangy ice cider is made with Michigan apples, and best paired with any apple-based dessert. The perfect gift for an out-of-town guest or to keep all for yourself!



Rosa Regale Banfi Sparkling Red

The luscious scent of rose petals meets the delicate flavors of raspberries and strawberries. This sparking red is a great alternative to champagne, there are less bubbles to tickle your nose but you still get to enjoy some bubbles for a special occasion or a special treat on an ordinary day.


Codorniu Anna Blanc de Blancs

Enjoy the tastes of apple pie without using up your manpower on homemade dough. You’ll quickly find a nutty personality that goes well with the flavor of apple. Top it off with a finish of clove and nutmeg. This is a dry drink but if soft and smooth, due to its composition being 70% Chardonnay.


Freixenet Cordon Negro Brut Cava Seleccion

Sparkling wine with a clean palate of ripe pear, apple, and citrus that flow into a long, smooth finish. You’ll notice a touch of ginger in its finish to bring a little more excitement to the experience. It’s extremely versatile and can be easily paired with any dessert.


J.P. Chenet Ice Edition

Small, delicate bubbles fill your glass of this lovely drink. Your nose will fill with the scent of white flowers, citrus, and tropical fruits. An energetic palate with classically smooth creamy makes a refreshing delight that’s ideal for summertime, or anytime!



Belcaro Vin Santo Del Chianti Classico 2008

This Belcar Vin Santo has an amber color that will make your mouth water and warm your heart. Delicate notes of honey dance with a hint of almond, tied together by the slightest touch of spice. Perfect with a carefully cultivated cheese board with a mixture of nuts, fruits, and cheeses.


A.D. MDX Vin Santo Lanciola 2008

Luxuriously gold in color, complex notes of dried apricots blend with acacia honey and orange peel. A bouquet of yellow flowers enhances this dessert wine. Sit back and relax while you enjoy the aftertaste of candied fruit.


Fattoria Il Lago

Deeply intense in color with a dark yellow base and amber undertones, the aromas are equally intense with honey and dried fruits. Somehow this dessert wine is both complex and delicate at the same time. The finish is nutty and has a long-lasting taste. Best served slightly chilled.


Soups and Pairings

Beef Chili

Soup is great for the winter, but beef chili is good all year round. We don’t want our spoon to stick straight up in the bowl, so our chili has the perfect ratio of meat, vegetables, and broth. Shave some aged cheddar cheese over the top and have it melt into the chili. We suggest using a Microplane rasp grater – it’s another great use beyond zesting fruits


Broccoli Cheese

Some soup fans prefer this soup to be as thick and cheesy as possible. We make our broccoli cheese soup with Welsh cheddar cheese. Sprinkle in some coarse black pepper and shred EVEN MORE CHEESE onto the top of the bowl. Make this crowd-pleaser for the kids and pair it with Dankalicious India Pale Ale for the adults.


French Onion

Just because this soup has simple ingredients doesn’t mean you should cast this soup to the side. Beef broth and carmelized onions work harmoniously in this soup. Traditionally this soup is served after baking or broiling a topping of croutons and a semi-hard cheese, like gruyere. To really get the flavors to compliment each other, shave some cave aged gruyere over the top to get the perfect combination with each spoonful. You can probably tell we love French Onion soup – in case you missed last week’s blog, we have the perfect French Onion handled ceramic bowls with a top to warm you up.


Hunter’s Soup

Hunter’s soup is similar to a minestrone in its broth. Just add in your favorite vegetables to make this soup hearty. We recommend shaving Italian fontina over a fresh bowl to make the soup pop. We almost always recommend adding cheese whenever possible! It’s exactly what your outdoor enthusiast will crave when they’re de-thawing by the fire or straight out of the thermos in the middle of a picturesque outdoor scene.


Don’t forget the wine!

No matter what soup you make, 1000 Stories Bourbon Barrel Aged Zinfandel (2014) from California is exactly what you’ll want to enhance your meal. You’ll notice aromatic red fruit scents, and complex black fruit flavors that combine with white pepper spices. This batch is rounded off with a hint of smokiness, due to the bourbon barrel aging.    


Top Wines to Ring in the New Year

New Year’s Eve is our last chance to indulge before the resolutions and post-holiday guilt kicks in. Don’t let a bad wine choice ruin your night.

We’re dedicated to helping you make solid wine picks year-round, especially as we get ready to close out 2016. Toast this year’s final moments with the perfect glass, whether it’s a red, white, or bubbly. If you’re not sure which wine to go with, we’ve got you covered. Here are five wines we recommend to ring in 2017.

  1. Route Stock – Route 29, Napa Valley, Cabernet Sauvignon

This is a crowd-pleaser for any Cabernet Sauvignon lover. Route Stock is a “negotiant” brand, which means it purchases finished wines from existing wineries and puts its label on the bottles. The wine offered at G.B. Russo is from the Stag Leap’s district and has the classic flavor notes of the area. You’ll notice a blackberry taste that is reminiscent of crème di cassis, as well as hints of mushrooms and herbs. Because of their negotiant brand status, the prices have not risen like many other cabernets in Napa Valley, making this wine a great value.

  1. Raeburn, Chardonnay, 2014

For a fancier affair (think ball gowns and penguin suits) the go-to Chardonnay is Rombauer. Looking for something at a lower price point? An excellent alternative is the Raeburn Chardonnay, which is half the price. This is a classic California Chardonnay that has a buttery flavor with white pear, apple and nectarine fruit tones that are complimented by soft vanilla. A toasted-oak finish works with the fruit flavors, leaving an easy finish.

  1. Ayres, Pinot Noir, 2014

This pinot noir comes from Willamette Valley in Oregon, one of the USA’s most popular destinations for non-California wines. Ripe dark cherry and blueberry mingle with baking spice flavors to create this spectacular medium-bodied pinot noir. It’s rich and balanced with a smooth finish. This is an ideal wine for a cold wintery night.

  1. Roederer Estates, Brut

Glitz up your glass with this bubbly treat. World-renowned Champagne producer Louis Roederer has developed California’s first sparkling wine. The addition of oak-aged reserve wines added to each year’s blend makes this brut truly unique. Complex notes of pear, spice and hazelnut enhances the crisp and elegant flavors. Light, fresh and fruity with a great depth of flavor.

  1. La Caña, Sauvignon Blanc

No New Year’s fiesta is complete without La Caña Sauvignon Blanc. A varietal native to Spain, this is truly a hidden gem. You will taste aromas of lime zest and ginger work cohesively with flavors of peach, apple and blanched almond. In this wine, you get the tart Sauvignon Blanc flavors without the grassy undertones. It’s clean and simple, accented by hints of mineral, toast and fresh herbs.

These wines are just five of the thousands we carry at our store. Stop by and pick up one of these recommendations or find your new favorite with help from our knowledgeable staff.


The Ultimate Stocking-Stuffer Guide

The appropriate stocking stuffers can start your Christmas celebration with
a bang. But, it’s not just about what’s in there – it’s also about how you fill the stocking. Use these tips to create the ultimate stocking stuffer experience.

Start with the heavy stuff.

Assuming you’re not filling a stocking with coal or heavy bricks, make sure to put the weightier pieces towards the bottom. The last thing you’ll want to do is crush the cookies, melt the chocolate, or break the mini alcohol bottles you so carefully picked out. Some of our favorites are Mud Lake Farm Yellow Dragon Ginger Cordial, Koeze’s Cream-Nuts, and a Michigan-shaped cutting board.

Fill the middle with light but sturdy items.

The items in the middle should be lighter than those on the bottom, but sturdy and not easily breakable. It’s also the perfect place to use the really small items to fill gaps – the GB Russo wine opener, OXO Good Grip spatula, Nautilus Belgian Chocolate Seashells, Vinturi wine aerator, and Haribo candies are great space-savers.

Top it off.

This is where the light and breakable pieces will be displayed proudly. Alessi breadsticks, Rebel Yell Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey, Lomonoco Italian cookies, and a GB Russo gift card will entice any recipient to dive in.

Let us help you create the perfect stocking. Give us a call at 616-942-2980 or shoot Nate an email,


Give the gift of awesome.

’Tis the season for work holiday parties, family gatherings, friend get-togethers and more. Don’t arrive empty handed, whether you are looking to impress your boss or co-workers, survive the next family outing or are thanking a friend for hosting we have exactly what you need to give the perfect gift.

Wine and Spirits

We have extensive wine offerings, and our experienced and knowledgeable staff will help you make the perfect purchase for your next party or gathering. Choose from our curated 3-packs ($49.99) or purchase your own G.B. Russo wine box ($8) and create your own variety. Don’t forget your G.B. Russo wine opener! If beer is more fitting (this is Grand Rapids, after all), we have a variety of craft beers to choose from. Founders Lizard of Koz ($20) is great for any craft beer enthusiast. Get in the holiday spirit with our liquor and liqueurs. Whether you have a favorite brand, or you’re looking to try something unique and hard to find, we’ve got you covered.

Made in Michigan

We’re dedicated to supporting local artisans by offering artwork by local artists. Choose from paintings of Lake Michigan, cutting boards (Lower Peninsula and Upper Pensinsula) or Michigan-themed wooden baskets. Nothing embodies the holiday spirit like buying local! These items will make any Michigander proud of the Mitten State.

MYO (Make Your Own) Gift Basket

Finding the perfect gift doesn’t need to be stressful. Show your creative side by hand picking high quality items for the perfect gift basket, ranging from eats, sweets, drinks, and kitchenware. Or, put your trust in our staff to make a polished and thoughtful gift basket. MYO items can come in a basket or flat on a cutting board – you choose!

Gift Cards

Can’t choose between all of the great gift options? No problem! Pick up a G.B. Russo gift card.

The holidays can be stressful, let our family take care of your holiday giving needs. Give us a call at 616-942-2980 or shoot Nate an email,


New Products and Sales 5.2.16

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Blueberry Ale

Blue Point’s Blueberry Ale is a crisp golden ale with just a hint of blueberry flavor and mild hops finish. Not your typical fruit-forward beer, Blueberry Ale unleashes a lively beer aroma that gives way to a well-balanced session ale that is refreshing year round.

Regular $8.99/6-pack | Sale $3.99 or $15/case


Audible Ale

Redhook has teamed up with Dan Patrick to brew the ultimate craft beer for watching sports: plenty of flavor and aroma, and crushable enough to make you want another – without making you sloppy by halftime. So, whether you’re watching the Dan Patrick Show in your man cave, or tailgating in a parking lot, it’s time to fill your passion bucket with crushable craft.

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This week’s sales and specials include a new Jamon Iberico Salami new to our deli, as well as a continuation of our Salted Caramel Apple cannoli.

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Holiday Staples on Sale

Whatever your holiday traditions entail, you will find ingredients and staples to a successful gathering in this week’s sales and specials!

Havarti cheese is on sale for $7.99/lb, which is perfect for making day-after holiday ham sandwiches or you can stock up on Sahlen’s Smokehouse Ham for $6.99/lb as well.

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Feeling dedicated enough to make your own cannoli for dessert? Bellino large cannoli shells are on sale for $4.99. If you’re not feeling up to it – grab some Salted Caramel Apple cannoli from the deli instead!

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Villa Russo Giveaway and more!

Check out this week’s specials including a very special event this Saturday, December 12  from 12pm to 2pm.

Neal Dionne will be sharing his delicious Baked Ziti and handing out his recipe! Ingredients for the recipe will be on sale, in addition to extreme discounts on select wines and you can enter to win housewares items, as well as a Villa Russo appetizer basket!

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