If you truly love to cook, you will enjoy the amazing selection of cookware and kitchen items at Russo’s International Market. From old-fashioned gadgets to popular modern brands such as Chef’N or Zyliss, you will find all of your kitchen needs in our cookware aisles.

We carry cast iron cookware, ceramic bake and serveware, pizza pans, peels and stones. Additionally, we have pasta makers and accessories, cutting boards, professional-grade bakeware and cake decorating tips. You will find wine openers and accessories such as wine stoppers, wine racks and other cocktail necessities. Our selection of utensils ranges from wood, bamboo, nylon, silicone and melamine.

Some of our hot items include OXO products, Fox Run products, Microplane zesters and Vinturi or Menu aerators. We are an OXO Platnium Peeler retailer due to our breadth of inventory and willingness to try new introductions.

Kitchenware Guide


  • Excellent conductor of heat resulting in even browning and cooking and energy savings.
  • Lighter and easier to handle than other metals used for cookware and it cannot rust or chip.
  • Allows for difference in thickness within a piece
    • Thick base for superior heat conduction
    • Thinner sides for less energy loss and cooler cooking surface
    • Thick rim to provide stable lid placement

Non Stick

  • An obvious contrast to aluminum, providing constant reassurance of the presence of the coating
  • Enables fat-free cooking for fewer calroes, less cholesterol
  • Facilitates and easy clean up
  • Promotes less burning and sticking and more success in cooking.


  • Stays cool
  • Provides a traditional look
  • Easy and safe handling of pans – easy clean up, compact storage


  • Viewing of cooking foods without disturbing the process
  • Forms tight seal with pan rims
  • Heat and break resistant
  • Dome shape facilitates return of trapped moisture, nutrients and flavor to food.
  • Stays cool during cooktop use
  • Protect fingers from hot lid
  • Safe for oven use (up to 450 degrees)