Easter is quickly approaching! As one of the most celebrated holidays for Italians, it’s only necessary that Russo’s International Market goes above and beyond for the holiday festivities. Allow the Russo family into your home this Easter, by purchasing one of their many holiday items:

Traditional egg bread, or colomba di pasqua:

Colomba di pasqua (also known as colomba pasquale), is a traditional Italian Easter cake that is typically made in the shape of a dove. Colomba di pasqua is traditionally made on Good Friday and/or Holy Saturday in honor of Easter. We will be selling ready-to-serve colomba di pasqua in the store, in addition to some of the ingredients needed to make the dish yourself.

Colomba di pasqua recipes are passed down from generation-to-generation. We’re keeping our family recipe a secret, but take a look at these recipes for specific ingredients and cooking instructions:

We also have traditional Italian Panettone available as well.


Is explanation really needed for chocolate? If you’re not eating chocolate for Easter, you’re missing out.  And, we’ve got you covered in that department.

Homemade dinner dishes

Our store offers over 100 homemade options for customers to choose from, all of which are made in-store. Customers can choose from a variety of traditional everyday Italian foods, such as our homemade sausage and lasagna, both in a variety of flavors. Allow our family to prepare Easter dinner for you and your family.

Traditional Greek Easter Egg Dye

In many cultures, it’s a tradition to decorate Easter eggs in honor of the holiday. Take this one step further by dying hard-boiled eggs a shade of deep red to symbolize the redeeming blood of Christ. The deep red dye symbolizes Christ’s Resurrection, which is the main purpose of Easter. If you’re looking for the traditional deep red dye used for coloring Easter eggs, we’ve got you covered.

Adult Easter Baskets 

Are you attending an Easter gathering and looking for a special something to gift the host? Visit the store and put together an adult Easter basket, filled with mini liqueur bottles, chocolates, small kitchen gadgets and more.

(Note: You will be guaranteed a spot at next year’s table after gifting this!)

Don’t forget to check out our Adult Easter Egg Hunt, happening at the store on Saturday, from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. Visit the store and be on the lookout for hidden Easter eggs that contain coupons for in-store items! Keep in mind that the store will be closed on Easter Sunday, in effort to spend time with family.