Are your appetizers and/or salads in need of something extra? Add a little unique flavor to your first course meal with our Russo’s-branded dressings.

Blackberry Walnut Dressing

As the weather starts heating up in West Michigan, try this sweet, fruit-filled summer salad dressing. Extremely refreshing, and enjoyed by adults and children, alike.

This dressing would pair well with: Spinach, walnuts, cranberries, apples, grapes, asparagus and blue cheese.

Garlic Vinaigrette with Olive Oil

Back to the basics. If you’re looking for a traditional salad dressing, try this classic recipe. Our branded garlic vinaigrette with olive oil has all of the essentials, wrapped into one dressing: olive oil, vinegar and garlic.

This dressing would pair well with: Lettuce, broccoli, carrots, peas and capers. The possibilities are endless!

Miso Sesame Scallion Vinaigrette

Delizioso! Our Miso dressing packs a punch with it’s distinct flavor. If your taste buds are craving an earthy, deep Asian flavor; this dressing is for you.

This dressing would pair well with: Kale, rice noodles, grilled chicken, zucchini, mushrooms, cauliflower, sunflower seeds, mandarin oranges, tofu, edamame and shredded carrots.

Creamy Roasted Red Pepper

Feeling extremely hungry, but still looking for something healthy? Our creamy roasted red pepper dressing is thicker in texture and has a fulfilling, vibrant pepper flavor. Keep in mind that it would also work well as a sandwich spread.

This dressing would pair well with: Lettuce, fresh or jarred peppers and corn. If you’re still hungry, spread some of this dressing over our Italian bread, baked in-house, and pick up some fresh mozzarella for an Italian twist on a grilled cheese.

All of these dressings, along with many of the pairing suggestions, can be found at Russo’s. Stop in to find your perfect salad pairings today!