It’s National Snack Month, and we’re celebrating with one of our favorite snacks – popcorn! It’s easy to make, fun to share, and even easier to eat. Popcorn is just about the perfect snack. Try out one (or all) of our popcorn accoutrements to make your snack time extraordinary, all available at G.B. Russo’s.


Parmesan Garlic

You may have had cheesy popcorn before, but I bet it’s never been this good! The trick is to combine melted butter and garlic powder together and drizzle over freshly made popcorn. Next shave Parmesan cheese and sprinkle freshly ground pepper on your popcorn. To shave cheese like a pro, we recommend using an OXO Cheese Grater because it’s easy to use and easy to clean. This combination creates cheesy garlicky popcorn that will quickly become your go-to favorite.


Red Curry Coconut

Culinary daredevils will love this! Combine red curry paste with melted butter and a dash of paprika. The curry paste promises a unique flavor that will take your average popcorn to exotic new heights. Top it off with toasted coconut flakes to balance the heat and cool things down while providing a nice crunch.



Chocolate and Dried Cranberries

It’s hard to resist a sweet and salty mixture, so don’t! After popping, place the popcorn on a baking tray lined with wax paper. Using a double boiler, melt semi-sweet chocolate and lightly drizzle over the popcorn. To stir the chocolate so it doesn’t burn, we love the spatulas from Zyliss because they’re durable and come in a variety of colors. Let the chocolate set if you can! There’s nothing wrong with chocolate-covered fingers. This becomes the perfect treat for Valentine’s Day by adding some of G.B. Russo’s dried cranberries.



We love to kick things into high gear when it comes to exciting snacks. With the right amount, sriracha sauce gives the slightest hint of heat without overpowering the other flavors. Melt sriracha and butter together and layer over the popcorn. Need one more punch of flavor? Top it off with sriracha straight from the bottle.




If you’re a purist, you probably love simple popcorn with a touch of sea salt. We might not be able to twist your arm to try some of the more unusual flavors but we encourage you to try a few of our add-ons. You can find a variety dried fruits and nuts in-store to make your everyday plain popcorn a little more adventurous.