Beef Chili

Soup is great for the winter, but beef chili is good all year round. We don’t want our spoon to stick straight up in the bowl, so our chili has the perfect ratio of meat, vegetables, and broth. Shave some aged cheddar cheese over the top and have it melt into the chili. We suggest using a Microplane rasp grater – it’s another great use beyond zesting fruits


Broccoli Cheese

Some soup fans prefer this soup to be as thick and cheesy as possible. We make our broccoli cheese soup with Welsh cheddar cheese. Sprinkle in some coarse black pepper and shred EVEN MORE CHEESE onto the top of the bowl. Make this crowd-pleaser for the kids and pair it with Dankalicious India Pale Ale for the adults.


French Onion

Just because this soup has simple ingredients doesn’t mean you should cast this soup to the side. Beef broth and carmelized onions work harmoniously in this soup. Traditionally this soup is served after baking or broiling a topping of croutons and a semi-hard cheese, like gruyere. To really get the flavors to compliment each other, shave some cave aged gruyere over the top to get the perfect combination with each spoonful. You can probably tell we love French Onion soup – in case you missed last week’s blog, we have the perfect French Onion handled ceramic bowls with a top to warm you up.


Hunter’s Soup

Hunter’s soup is similar to a minestrone in its broth. Just add in your favorite vegetables to make this soup hearty. We recommend shaving Italian fontina over a fresh bowl to make the soup pop. We almost always recommend adding cheese whenever possible! It’s exactly what your outdoor enthusiast will crave when they’re de-thawing by the fire or straight out of the thermos in the middle of a picturesque outdoor scene.


Don’t forget the wine!

No matter what soup you make, 1000 Stories Bourbon Barrel Aged Zinfandel (2014) from California is exactly what you’ll want to enhance your meal. You’ll notice aromatic red fruit scents, and complex black fruit flavors that combine with white pepper spices. This batch is rounded off with a hint of smokiness, due to the bourbon barrel aging.