The menu is decided, and the shopping list is made. While you’re sure to get wonderful wines as a host/hostess gift, you’ll still need all your bases covered with wines that you know will pair perfectly well with your holiday meal. Here are five incredible (and affordable) wines to have on stock, no matter what you’re serving:

Serving fish: Bott Frères, pinot blanc

Light and refreshing, this wine will conjure memories through well-ripened fruits – the perfect complement to a good fish entree. You’ll notice hints of melon and green apple, providing a nice balance of sweetness and acidity. Whether you steam, bake, smoke or fry your fish, a solid pinot blanc is the way to go. Alternative serving options: white meats and items served with a light and creamy sauce.

Serving white meat: Francois Montand, brut

This wine received 89 points from Wine Spectator. You’ll experience intense citrus flavors, including pear, apples and lemons. It’s smooth and creamy, with a lingering hint of walnut on the finish. Alternative serving options: fish.

Serving red meat: Breca, grenache

The smell of ripe fruits and spicy aromas will entice any palate. This wine offers a bright cherry taste, complimented with creamy, toasty, oaky notes. This is a powerful wine that will stand up to your holiday steak or meatballs. Alternative serving option: game meats.

Serving vegetarian: Villa Wolf, pinot noir rosé

The grapes used to make this wine are picked from vineyard farms used only for producing rosé, ensuring for a high-quality, finished product. It has a clean, dry style. Light and refreshing with bright fruit flavors and a clean finish, pinot noir rosé works well with vegetarian dishes, both main and side. Alternative serving options: fish.

Serving it all: Piazza del Castello Rosso Toscana, blend

Who said you can only serve one main dish? For those of you with a large holiday table or a large holiday appetite, this wine covers it all. A floral aroma and violet notes work together with the taste of ripe berries and chocolate. You’ll notice a slight earthy tone that will pair with every and all items on your table. And, who doesn’t love chocolate before dessert? Alternative pairing options: everything!

There you have it. No more guessing. No more bringing the same wine every time. We are open on Christmas Eve, 9am – 5pm, for any last minute pick ups or incase you want an extra bottle. With these prices, you can never have enough wine!