Take advantage of these great sales to kick off your weekend celebration! We have an array of unique beers, ales and meads to suit every taste. Not sure what you like? Ask our in-house expert, Victor, for assistance.

Current specials include:

Extraordinary Irish Beers

Extraordinary Irish Beers 8pk Cans

  • 2x Smithwick’s Ale
  • 2x Guinness Black Ale
  • 2x Guineess Draught Stout
  • 2x Harp Lager

Regular $13.69 | Sale $5.99


Underdog Atlantic Lager Oyster Stout Flying Dog Seasonal






  • Flying Dog Underdog Lager
  • Flying Dog Woody Creek White
  • Flying Dog Oyster Stout

Regular $8.99/6 pack bottle | Sale $3.99/6 pack or $13.50 per case

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