G.B. Russo & Son Great Wine Buys:

2009 Bordeaux Label Change Close-Out Sale

The Cotes de Bourg region of Bordeaux is known for their rich, plush red wines.  In the best vintages they remind me of Pomerol, another Bordeaux appellation a few miles away from Bourg, but Cotes de Bourg wines are usually less than a third of the price of Pomerol.  One of my favorite Cotes de Bourg value priced wines is the 2009 Prince de Tabourg (Reg. $12.79).  This blend of 70% Merlot, 25% Cabernet Sauvignon, and 5% Malbec is full-bodied and has a nice mix of red-currant, black-cherry, and blackberry fruits.   Because of the 12 months of aging this wine receives in small oak barrels before bottling, the fruit is a bit closed down when you first open it up, so give this some breathing time or pour it through a Vinturi aerator before drinking.  Prince de Tabourg will be going through a label design change with the 2010 vintage, so the importer wants to move out what is left of the 2009 vintage.  I purchased what was left at a deep discount.  We now can offer the great 2009 vintage Prince de Tabourg for $8.99 each or $96/wood 12 pack case.  If you would like to reserve a case, please contact me at drusso@gbrusso.com.


The Migraine Police in the Piedmont

I get comments from customers something like this all of the time in the store; “I can’t drink red wine because it gives me a headache.”   I feel sorry for that group of people because they miss out on how much a good red wine can enhance the enjoyment of a meal.  I remember when I was traveling through the Piedmont region of Italy (where Barolo, Barbera, and Dolcetto is made), and I visited a little village called Veglio.  I had terrific lunch at little restaurant called Osteria Veglio and had a wonderful glass of Dolcetto made close by to wash it down with.  It would not have been the same memorable experience I could not drink red wine.  When I saw the Migrane Police have now put their seal of approval on the 2012 Veglio Barbera d’Alba and Dolcetto d’Alba (both $18.99) it made me happy to think that there is hope for migraine sufferers that enjoy red wine.  The Migraine Police is a group of researchers and neurologists that work in cooperation with the NMF Migraine Association.  They have identified many of the triggers for headaches in red wine.  They carefully select and test wines for migraine sufferers and only wines that meet their high standards get their seal of approval.  These wines are really good too.  The Barbera is rich hints of plum, clove, and spices.  It would be great with a Pasta Bolognese.  The Dolcetto has a black-raspberry fruit character and a firm acid structure.  It is the type of red wine that is great with Beef Carpaccio.