2010 Bordeaux Mix of Six Gift Box

I visited Bordeaux twice in 2011 to sample the great 2010 vintage releases that were being premiered.  It certainly was a special vintage and it has proved to be the best since 1961.  As you would expect, the top, very expensive Chateaux produced great wines, but so did the Petite Chateaux.  While Bordeaux may be the most famous wine region in the world, not many Americans know it well, I think because people assume that all Bordeaux is hundreds of dollars a bottle.  Not true.  That is only the top 1% of the wine produced in Bordeaux.  I have put together a “mix of six” Gold Medal Winning 2010 Bordeaux from some terrific Petite Bordeaux Chateaux for the special price of $75.  This makes a good introduction to Bordeaux for yourself or a gift for a friend.  I have a description of these wines below.  If you would like to reserve a Gold Medal Mix of Six Bordeaux 2010, please contact me at


Dave Russo

G.B. Russo & Son